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Individual couple and family counseling

As a certified counselor and therapist, I can also conduct the sessions in English. 

I receive individuals, couples or families that find difficulties in their sentimental, couple or family life.  The aim is to restore dialogue, emotional balance and fulfillment in the relationship by identifying what causes the suffering and the non-understanding. I provide structure, empathy, communication tools and conflict resolution strategies to help understand each other's needs and interact with empathy and respect. 

Couples or individuals may also come when they are confused about whether to stay together or not. My goal is then to help them re-assess the situation and gain clarity in order to make informed and less emotionally driven choices. 

More broadly, couple or family counseling is about reinitiating honest communication and restoring trust between partners.

Terapia de pareja y de familia

Como terapeuta matrimonial y familiar certificada, puedo también conducir las sesiones en español.

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